Transformation Vision

Effective Finance Transformation programs set clear long-term goals (3-5 years) and aim to bridge the gap between the current state and these ambitions. Our proven Finance Transformation methodology ensures a structured, holistic, and effective approach for implementing successful programs. Delivered by Finance experts who understand the details and intricacies in this area.

About our Finance Transformation Methodology

When undergoing a Finance Transformation, such as an ERP implementation or a shift towards shared services, our proven methodology serves as a practical strawman, ensuring a holistic and comprehensive view. It lays out the relation between the business context, the various roles of finance, the people within the finance department and the enablers that we can transform to realize the ambitions. Without this structure, there is a risk that transformation initiatives are too narrow or are not aligned to the overall Finance vision or business needs.

Business Context

Finance transformations aren’t a one-size-fits-all scenario. What works for one organization might not suit another. Understanding the business, its environment, and future challenges establishes the groundwork for a Finance Transformation that considers unique circumstances, enabling the development of achievable and purposeful strategies and ambitions.

Role of Finance within the organization

Finance plays five pivotal roles within the organization: Operator, Steward, Innovator, Influencer, and Strategist. These roles form the foundation of the finance strategy and vision. We assess current performance in each role and define future ambitions, acknowledging that the significance of each role may vary based on circumstances; not every finance function needs to excel in every aspect.


Individuals in Finance play a crucial role in every transformation. It is essential to grasp two aspects early on: (1) How do we engage and bring employees and business stakeholders along in the transformation? and (2) What is leadership’s appetite for the extent of the transformation’s impact on the Finance Department’s personnel.

Target Operating Model Enablers

Enablers are the tangible levers that can be adjusted, the actionable changes in transformation programs aimed at realizing ambitions tied to Finance roles. Together, the enablers are referred to as the Operating Model. While not all enablers need to be addressed simultaneously, it’s crucial to recognize that altering one can impact another. Hence, a holistic perspective is essential for effective transformation.